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We are Taito Lapland Crafts Association – one of the 16 crafts associations in Finland. We offer happy encounters, joy, learning and rewarding experiences. Crafts = Happiness.

Our Craft Centres in Rovaniemi and Pello provide excellent opportunities for learning different techniques and opportunity to meet other people interested in crafts. You can find the joy of making something yourself and learn something new. We also offer tailormade courses for various groups.

Taito Craft School Peukku provides Basic education in the Arts. You can learn the various stages from design to implementation. The education develops the students’ knowledge, skills and readiness in the different sectors of crafts culture. The studies are Curriculum-based, goal-oriented and progress age-appropriately from one year to the next.

Taito Shop Rovaniemi offers northern and arctic design as well as different craft materials and equipment. We offer beautiful everyday products, jewelry and high quality design made by Lappish or Finnish artisans. Local craft product is an excellent choice when the maker and the story behind it are important to you.